5 Wedding Ring Buying Tips

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If you're getting married, there is one thing you're guaranteed to need and that's Wedding Rings. So where do you start? Well, we've set out a few tips below so when you hit the shops you'll be armed with some useful knowledge to make things that much easier to find your perfect rings.

1. Know your metals.

Namely, why you might choose yellow gold, white gold, palladium or platinum over each other. In general though, gold, palladium or platinum rings have some fairly distinctive differences that it worth thinking about when deciding which to buy.

  • Platinum. This bright, silvery metal is very pure and fairly resilient. It will also keep its colour which means it won't need to be replated after a few years. However, platinum rings tend to be the most expensive of all the metals.

  • Palladium. This is a relatively rare metal which appears similar in colour to platinum. It tends to be a little less expensive than platinum, but isn't quite as resilient to those little scratches, so may need to be polished to keep its shine.

  • White Gold. Again, this is similar in colour to platinum, however, isn't quite as resilient. The main problem with a white gold ring is that they are often plated with rhodium which will wear over time. Because of this they will need to be replated every few years to maintain their bright, silvery colour. They do tend to be less expensive than plantinum and palladium rings though.

  • Yellow Gold. This is a more traditional colour for a wedding ring, which may appeal to you more than a silvery ring. They don't need replating like their white gold counterparts, but will need to be polished to maintain their shiny, yellow look.

  • Titanium. This is a very hard metal that is extremely resilient. Perfect for those that undertake manual work. The main problem is that these rings can't be resized, nor will they be as brightly coloured as the other silvery rings above.

2. If you can, try the Jewellery Quarter.

Wedding rings can amount to quite an outlay, especially as you're buying two at the same time. High street shops can be very pricey, even with their advertised discounts of 10% off etc. Don't be fooled. We would recommend, if you can, taking a trip to Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter where you'll find high quality rings at much more affordable prices. Many high street retailers source their rings from the Jewellery Quarter, so why not cut out the middle man and save yourself a few pounds. We did!

3. Consider the styling.

You'll be wearing your Wedding Ring for, hopefully, a very long time. It'll be on your ring finger day and night, no matter the occasion. So it's important to get a style that you can live with. There is a vast array of styles available to you when you walk into a jewellers, all kinds of cuts and twists, some with stones some without. Consider what you think will stay in fashion and you'll love wearing for the rest of your life. This part isn't easy, but worth taking some time over to get right. Simple is often best.

4. Be careful with sizing.

Trying Wedding rings can be very difficult, especially for men who perhaps aren't used to wearing rings (and don't even know the size of their ring finger!) Firstly, we would advise to always try them on, rather than order online, and when you do, make sure the fit isn't too tight. By no means do you want it to be overly loose, but it's always wise to be able to take the ring off fairly easily as during the summer months your fingers may swell with the heat just a tiny bit. A slightly looser fitting ring with still be a good fit for that tropical honeymoon too.

5. Remember timing.

If you have settled on one particular ring that you just have to have, but it's not in stock in your size you may well have to order it to be made bespoke to you. This will of course add a premium to the price of your ring, but perhaps more importantly, it'll take time to be made. Bespoke rings, depending on the jeweller, can take several weeks to be made. So if your Wedding Day is fast approaching, this may not be an option. Any last minute stresses such as this are best left alone.

Bonus - 6. Cleaning your engagement ring.

Now you've got your wedding rings sorted, you also need that engagement ring to look it's best for the big day. To do so, you don't need anything special, just a toothbrush and some soap. To get make that diamond shine like only diamonds can, take your toothbrush and just pop it in some warm soapy water. Then, gently clean your ring, and within moments it'll be sparkling and ready for the big day.