5 Tips for Keeping Young Children Entertained at your Wedding


Putting together your guest list for a wedding can be tricky, but one major decision is whether to invite children or make your wedding an adults only affair. If you have chosen to include the little ones it can be a long day for them, so we've set out some ideas below to try and help them enjoy the day as much as their parents will!

Little Treats for the Wedding Ceremony 

Whilst it not the end of the world if you get an "I'm bored!" whilst you are exchanging vows, it's not exactly ideal! Providing some simple sweet treats for your younger guests can be a good way to keep them happy and entertained throughout the ceremony.

Set up a Games Room

If your venue has the space, it can be a great idea to set up a separate activity area for small children with some books and games for them to play with throughout the day.

Provide Colouring Books / jigsaws for the Wedding Breakfast

The wedding breakfast can be a little boring for small children. While their parents are more than happy to take their time and enjoy a three course meal, the little ones are probably all finished within 15 minutes and ready to move on to the next activity. If you set out some colouring books and crayons on tables with children on them, it'll give them something to do while everyone else enjoys the meal, speeches and terrible jokes!

Child-Friendly Music

If you've got a separate space available in the venue, perhaps that games room we mentioned earlier, it's a great idea to play some child-friendly music later in the evening, such as some classic Disney tunes. This way the children can finish their day in style with a sing and dance to some of their favourite songs, instead of being subject to all the dad dancing which will enviably be present on the main dance floor!

Consider hiring some extra Childcare

All weddings are expensive, but if you can afford it, it could be very helpful to hire professional childcare for the day. Not only will this help to entertain your little guests and keep them out of trouble, it'll also help their parents relax and enjoy your special day with you.