Will you be my bridesmaid? 6 Responsibilities.

Will you be my bridesmaid?

So you've been asked to be a bridesmaid - it's a big honour, but it does come with certain responsibilities too. If you haven't been a bridesmaid before, the below tips will help you prepare for what you may be expected to do / help with on the big day.

1. Help the bride shop for the dress.

One of the first things you'll be asked to do is to help shop for both the bride's dress and the bridesmaids dresses. Now everyone enjoys a good shopping trip (some more than most!) but this may involve a trip to a few different bridal shops until the bride finds “the one” so be prepared to be patient!

Once the bride’s dress is sorted, the bridesmaid dresses tend to follow. Be ready to be supportive as it can be difficult for the bride to find her perfect dress so keep a few Saturdays free for this.

When the dresses have been found, it's common to attend a number of different fittings, to make sure the dresses are tailored perfectly to you.

You may be asked to pay for the dress yourself, within reason, so be ready for this. If you're lucky enough that the dress is purchased for you, be prepared to shell out a little for accessories such as shoes and hair decorations.       

2. Help plan and pay for the hen party.

While it's the maid of honour who has ultimate responsibility for planning the hen party, the bridesmaids are expected to share some ideas and help with its organisation. This is obviously an important occasion for the bride-to-be, so try and do as much as you can to make it a special day.

3. Arrive early on the day to help the bride get ready.

With hair and makeup it can take a long time to get ready even before it's time to don your beautiful new dress. Be prepared to arrive early (or even be there the night before) if needs be. Remember though, your focus needs to be on helping the bride prepare, so be as supportive as you can as there will more likely than not be a few nerves building up during the morning. A glass of prosecco will often help with any pre-wedding jitters!!

4. Be available for the wedding rehearsal.

A wedding is much more than one day, and involves a huge amount of planning and preparation leading up to it. Sometimes, especially if it's a church wedding, the couple may well need you to be present for the rehearsal to make sure everyone knows what they need to do and when. When should you start your walk down the aisle, how fast you should walk and where to stand, these are all important things to get sorted before the big day. It's best to go through a rehearsal to avoid any embarrassing misunderstandings or issues on the day.

5. Assist with the Photos.

Now, you're not expected to pick up a camera and start snapping, (although feel free to take a selfie or two) but do assist the photographer in finding people for the big family and friends group shots. After the ceremony, guests will start to get some drinks and can wander off, exploring the venue. So to make it that much easier for everyone involved you may need to help round up the troops to get through the group shots as quickly as possible.

When group photos are over, you may also need to help with keeping the bride's dress in check, especially if the photos are outside, as the train can sometimes misbehave!

6. Finally, Dance!

Quite often people can be shy of getting up on the dance floor, especially if it's a little empty. As one of the central members of the wedding party, you'll need to lead by example and get the party started for them!

We hope the above points have helped get you ready to be a bridesmaid, and if you have any others, do let us know!